Thursday, January 4, 2018

Costa Rica-- Merry Christmas

I had been planning this trip for months.  We were supposed to go to Guatemala.  We were going to fly into San Pedro Sula, Honduras and then have a driver take us into Guatemala up to Poptun.  After a few days there where we were going to visit Tikal and explore a river cave, we would then head down to the Rio Dulce area for a few days where we would see Finca Paraiso, and Boqueron Canyon.  Then we would travel by boat down to Finca Tatin where we were going to hang out for a few days and take a trip down to to Belize to snorkel.  It was all set until the Honduras presidential election resulted in protests and even a couple of deaths.  There was a travel alert issued and after some serious prayer and consideration we decided to change our travel plans completely.  Thankfully the airline waived the change fees enabling us to switch to another country with a minimal cost increase.  Four hours later, United Airlines had us booked for Costa Rica!
Early Christmas morning around 3:30 in the morning my alarm went off the same time as John's.  We could hear others stirring to turn of their alarms.  A few of the kids made sandwiches while others poured coffees to go.  We said our good-byes, and were on our way to Houston by 4am.
Around 6:30am we wanted to stop for a quick bite to eat but every place seemed to be closed for Christmas.   We were actually happy to see very few places open, but we also hoped to find at least one place where we could stop.  Finally we found a Jack in the Box that was open.  They were happy to see our large family since we were their only customers!
We were very happy to get our boarding passes.   Going through security there was a small delay, but we finally made it to our gate,
The airline managed to seat us all in close proximity if not right next to each other.  It was a joy getting to spend time with Rebecka, Julia's best friend, and now Adam's girlfriend.
Rebecka took this picture as our plane approached land.
Santa was waiting in Costa Rica to give us a nice, warm welcome!
From the time our plane landed to the time we connected with our driver took two hours.  We used Erick Hildalgo with Costa Rica Trip Guide just like we did back in 2015, and from the moment we met up with our driver, we couldn't be happier.
Everyone quickly got situated and we began our drive to Ciudad Quesada to 
our hotel-- Termales Del Bosque.
Rebecka sat up front for awhile practicing her spanish.
The drive was beautiful.
Soon we arrived at our lovely hotel.
After checking in and taking a quick tour of the grounds we met up in the restaurant to eat Christmas dinner.  The hotel had a delicious buffet spread for Christmas that we all enjoyed very much.

Merry Christmas from Costa Rica!

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  1. What fun and how exciting. I bet it was all so beautiful.



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