Friday, January 5, 2018

Costa Rica-- Hiking Tour and Hot Springs

Our stay at Termales Del Bosque included a complimentary breakfast each morning.  With traditional gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee, there was something for everyone.
The restaurant set up a long table for our family that was always ready for us.  Though we visited Costa Rica during the peak season, it truly felt like we were the only ones there.
Everyone was up bright and early.  Breakfast was amazing-- drinking a cup of coffee 
never tasted so good.  
It was so nice being able to spend time with our older kids.  

Soon we would be starting our hike.
We all walked down to the stable where we met our guide.

The pasture outside the stable overlooked a lake.

It was fun watching all the animals run around.

The hotel raises their own tilapia.  It was delicious.

The guide took us deep into the jungle...

where we found leaf skeletons scattered across the jungle floor.

Near the end of our hike we found this turtle. 
The hike tied into the trail at the hot springs.
A stream ran along the path down to the hot springs where we crossed this walking bridge.
It was more beautiful than you can imagine.  

The hot springs were very relaxing.

We hung out at the hot springs until early afternoon when it was time for our ATV excursion.


  1. Wow, beautiful! Lovely family holiday...

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. Now I want to go to Costa Rica, what a fun hike and hot springs too.


  3. It looks like a wonderful family trip with your older kids! Beautiful pictures. I have a question about the hot springs. Our family hiked to hot springs in New Zealand when we were visiting the country and had an amazing time, however, when we returned to our car AFTERWARDS we saw warning signs that we hadn't seen before. The signs warned to never go underwater because of the risk of Acanthamoeba infection. I see you went underwater too from the pictures and wonder if the Costa Rica hot springs were treated against Acanthamoeba or you hadn't heard about it either like us. Anyway, once again thanks for posting the beautiful pictures and happy new year!! Carrie

    1. Hi Carrie. Never heard of this until you mentioned it. It doesn't seem to be a concern in CR because many people were putting their heads underwater. We went to another hot spring-- Baldi-- my favorite-- and everyone who goes on the water slides ends up getting their head wet.


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