Sunday, January 14, 2018

Costa Rica-- Baldi Hot Springs

Many of us woke up with sore arms and shoulders from ATVing.  I'm not too surprised since I was holding on with white knuckles a few times!  Not to worry since today we were going to Baldi Hot Springs-- probably my favorite place in Costa Rica.  There we could spend the whole day relaxing our sore muscles in the different thermal pools filled with invigorating minerals getting waterfall massages.
On the way there our driver made a quick detour to Muelle so we could see the iguanas.  I spotted the first iguana and then before we knew it there was a gazillion of them.

It was fun looking as far as we could and still spotting iguanas in the trees.
We arrived at Baldi a little after 9am.  Most people come to Baldi for just a few hours and have lunch or dinner, but I found great prices on all-day passes including lunch and dinner.  Since this was our second time going, we knew we could easily spend the whole day there, so that is what we did.
One of the reasons I love traveling to Costa Rica is how few people there seems to be.  Christmas time is considered their high season and yet it never felt crowded.   The lines were nearly non-existent, and it truly felt like our own personal getaway.
Each pool is a different temperature, and they were so clean and crystal clear. 
The water slides are crazy fast!

My favorite thing to do is go explore each pool.  They are spread out all over the property and so you have to "hunt" to find them. Many times we were the only ones in the pool so we could float around on our backs or have swimming contests.
Sveta and Anastasia enjoyed doing this with me while the others were riding water slides.
Another thing I absolutely love about Baldi is how beautiful it is.

Many of the hot pools have cold pools inside them where you could take a refreshing dip.
It was very cold at first but my body craved these cold plunges every now and then.  It was exhilarating!

Adam and Rebecka
We call this water slide "The Toilet Plunge."  The boys like to stop themselves and walk around the bowl before jumping into the center.

Lunch and dinner were served buffet style in the Pavilion.
The food was delicious as were all the different fruit drinks.
We enjoyed sampling the desserts.

 Night time came way too quickly and it was time for us to head back to our hotel.

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  1. Wow you guys! Just fantastic! Such a beautiful country to experience............

    Marilyn from Canada


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