Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Time at Our House

One day Annalyn and Sveta went with me to Shriner's Hospital for an appointment for Alex.  Santa was there and Annalyn took a picture with him.  So fun!
(Alex was on the computer.)
Anastasia went to a Christmas Party with her co-workers.  Doesn't she look pretty all dressed up?
One night we went to Carmela's Mini Santa-land.  The light displays were awesome!

The day we drove to Dallas to pick up Adam and Rebecka we met up with my Mom at Red Robin to have lunch.  Sam's Club has a great deal where I bought $200.00 in gift cards for $160.00 which is a great deal for our family to enjoy a meal out.

Hanging out in our kitchen-- it is definitely the heart of our home.
Rebecka and Adam picked up a box of Bean Boozled.  It was fun to play with the kids but some of the flavors were truly awful!  No thank-you to rotten fish!

Adam and Rebecka decided to do their own Polar Plunge.
Brrrrr.  They are crazy!

The older kids did their annual Secret Santa Exchange.

Since we left for Costa Rica on Christmas Morning we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve between the morning and evening church service.

Even though it has been very cold out, the boys got in a game of Spikeball.
P.S.  We went to Costa Rica for Christmas.  It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Pictures coming soon.  Julia and Thomas graciously offered to stay and watch the younger kids because Thomas had to work and they wanted to spend their first New Year's together.  They did some fun things with the kids.  You can check out Julia's blog for pics.  My Mom and sister came out to visit them too!

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  1. Hi Christine! Looks like it was a fun Christmas at the Reed household. I think Anastasia is beautiful...really. She has such a serene, calm look about her. Your cold isn’t like our cold, but it’s all relevant. We had -40C one day over the holidays. It was ghastly 😳 I’m glad you had fun in Costa Rica. It is beautiful. Have a great day!

    Marilyn from Canada


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