Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nolan's Pharyngeal Flap Surgery

For the past week I have bathed Nolan using Dial soap from head to toe.   Then afterwards, I've had to coat the inside of his nostrils with bacitracin using a q-tip.  Last night and early this morning he washed with Hibiclens-- all in preparation for his big surgery today.
We arrived at Shriner's in Shreveport around 8:00am.
Once we were settled, ChildLife brought in a nice gift for Nolan.  We were both very surprised... in a good way.  It sure helped to pass the next four hours.
An hour later, Nolan got ballons and a soft, stuffed bear from his teachers and classmates at school.  It sure made him smile!
Shriner's has been wonderful so far.  The nurses and doctors have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.  The only thing I have noticed is how much detail they use to explain what is going on.  I know that this is meant to help the child to know what to expect in hopes that they are less frightened, but, it has had the opposite affect on Nolan.  This time around, he seemed more apprehensive going into the surgery-- I think because of how much he was told.
After wiping away a few tears and praying with my little boy, he was ready to go.
Just a few minutes ago, the doctor came in to tell me that the surgery went well.  Nolan is heading to recovery and I should be able to see him in about half an hour.

Praise the Lord!
Update:  Nolan is doing well!  In fact he is fast asleep.  When I first saw him, he was crying.  It took some time to calm him down, but after we prayed, and I gently rubbed his side, he fell back asleep.  Poor little guy has a tongue suture with a string that is tied to his cheek to keep his tongue from going back and either blocking his airway or damaging the roof of his mouth.


  1. Yes, Praise the Lord! So glad the surgery went well. Praying for Nolan.

    God bless


  2. Praying for you Nolan! Love you!

  3. Peggy Havens ParkerOctober 25, 2017 at 10:59 AM

    Bless his heart.It's so traumatizing for both child and parents to go thru that type surgery.i hurt when my kids hurt and They are grown.

    Can Nolan talk with that string tied to his cheek?how long does the string have to be there?I missed out...what was this procedure supposed to do to help him. Hugs and love to both of you💕

  4. Aww. Sounds uncomfortable but hopefully the end results are worth it.

  5. Sending prayers for Nolan🙏🙏


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