Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nolan's Birthday at the Beach!

Our family just got back from a weekend at the beach.  We drove down to Surfside Beach south of Galveston this past Friday.  We stopped for lunch at McDonalds.   After hitting some traffic in Houston we finally made it to the beach house around 4 o'clock.  

After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Nolan and then Oliver blew out the candles.  I tried to get Oliver to stop but Nolan told me that he let Oliver blow them out because he knows how much Oliver enjoys doing it.

After the candles were out, Nolan gave Oliver a hug to thank him.  It was very sweet.
Happy birthday to our big, sweet boy!  I can't believe he is nine years old.


  1. Happy Birthday to Nolan! What a sweet boy he is!

  2. That is just the sweetest thong I ever heard. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Nolan. Himself and Oliver have such a sweet bond. Two very sweet boys❤️


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