Monday, September 25, 2017

Writing... Again

I remember sitting at the bar in the kitchen quietly observing my older boys as they got ready for school one recent morning.  Paul was stirring creamer into his hot cup of coffee as Anastasia proudly fried potatoes.   John was playfully pretending to take photos of  the happy cook.  Jonny was packing his lunch.  Just minutes before, John had walked our youngest children out to the end of our driveway to catch the bus.

The moment was memorable because for that minute it seemed as if we were all living life to the fullest.  We weren't really doing anything special yet I'm sure we all felt love, purpose, and a sense of belonging.

I don't mention this one time as if there are very few, but as a reminder that we should all stop and look at what we have surrounding us and appreciate even the small things.

It makes life special, worthwhile.
If you haven't noticed, I don't really write much these days.  Sure, I continue to blog, but it is not the same as when I used to sit down and pour my heart out through the tips of my fingers striking each key.  Before I had no problem expressing my deepest thoughts, and yet now I am my biggest critic.  It is exhausting and stifling and honestly I feel like I have so many thoughts and emotions pent up that it is time to let my thoughts start flowing on the pages.  If not for me, for my children who I know one day will want to read this.

As we wrap up September, I was planning on things slowing down now that two of my daughters' weddings are past.  I also had some major dental work done twice with conscious sedation because I am the biggest baby when it comes to the sound of a drill.  John was by my side the whole time. "Your husband is great because he really did stay at the foot of your chair the whole time," added the dentist.  I mention this because he is just such an amazing husband and friend and I don't think I would have had the courage to even have this dental work done if it weren't for him.  As if my teeth problems weren't enough, my back decided to break, or so it felt like. Right after Julia's wedding my back went out, making it impossible for me to even bend and kneel to pull Natalie's pants down to put her on the toilet.  The pain was excruciating, lasting for six weeks through Annalyn's wedding.  I had visited a chiropractor, took muscle relaxers when the pain was unbearable, and invested in an inversion table which still gets regular use.  I'm finally visiting a spine specialist this morning.  At the moment, the pain is subtle,  a nagging reminder that I am no spring chicken and need to take care of myself more.  I'm honestly trying.

Finally after months of meeting with the school district, Natalie and Alex are both in what John and I feel are the most appropriate settings at their school.  There had been not one but two mistakes regarding their testing, and it has finally been corrected.  It is a relief to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Nolan was seen at Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport, LA recently and it was concluded that his speech would highly benefit from a pharyngeal flap procedure.  This surgery has been scheduled for next month where he will spend three days in the hospital.  He will need to have a soft food diet for about six weeks and will miss nearly a month of school.  Nolan loves school more than any of my other children so he is dissappointed, naturally, but my little pep talks seem to be temporary bandaids till he brings the subject up again.  These moments are getting few and far between since Nolan first learned he would be having yet another surgery.  He is my little trooper.  I promised him lots of pudding.

A few weeks ago, we lost another chicken.  Anastasia opened the door to the coop and a neighbor dog rushed in.  It was traumatizing for her witness, but she is okay.  Two days ago, John went with three or four of the kids to get a pair of "adult" peacocks from a local family.    They are way too big for any snake to devour, and are quite nice, though a bit flighty.  They provide family entertainment for us all!

We have a family trip coming up in a few weeks-- the first time to a Texas beach!  We are all looking forward to it. 


  1. We've had lots of oral surgeries with Emily's cleft palate. Please let Nolan know we are thinking of him and praying for him! Lots of pudding, yogurt and ice cream in his future!

  2. Dear little Nolan.....he's such a trooper for sure. Christine I'm sorry to hear about your back problems. It is soooooooo debilitating.......I've had back problems on and off for years. I hope you are able to get a handle on it soon. I love hearing about all the kids and they all are doing so well. You and John are such great parents 💕

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Hope Nolan is ok--hang in there. Remember to go way down to Padre to get to the nice beaches and water. Galveston is ok but the water is awful!

  4. Glad to "catch up". I know I've missed your writing. Hope you enjoy the beach. Galveston? I tell myself, it's never going to be a California beache or the Atlantic, or the white sand beaches in Florida, but it has its own beauty. The further west you go on the island the better.


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