Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dennis is Home Schooling Again

Dennis was excited to start school this year, he really was.  He planned on playing the violin and getting straight A's!  

But things change.  And kids are cruel.  And sometimes kids and parents realize that public school is not the best option after all.

About two weeks into school Dennis started asking to be homeschooled.  John and I thoroughly discussed the pros and cons and decided that this would be in Dennis' best interest.

The thing is, I would not have the help of a charter school this time.   It was a bit overwhelming and it took me a week or two to research and feel confident that I can do this for Dennis.

We began homeschooling on his birthday.  He is doing really well.  He is learning to cook more and how to care for our animals.  We are using Saxon math and it seems like a great fit, even better than the Teaching Textbooks we previously used.

We are really enjoying history and geography together.  
This is going to be a great year!
Now you are probably wondering why I am not homeschooling all of my children.  Well, first of all, John and I like to treat each child individually.   Some children handle public school really well.  They thrive off of social settings and are more receptive to learning from a "strange" teacher rather than me their Mom.  Others are very sensitive, become overwhelmed in a public school setting, and learn at a faster or slower pace than their classmates.  I also look at my ability and whether or not I can homeschool that child.   Do I have the patience?  Do I have the brains?  I know I could not teach Algebra let alone Algebra 2 or Calculus unless it was remedial.   Thankfully John is a math genius, and tutors our older kids, but still, you get the picture.

Anastasia is also homeschooled.  She is a senior and her curriculum focuses mainly on where she needs the most help-- math and english with less emphasis on the other subjects.  We focus on a lot of life skills too-- and she works at a day care center.

This schedule is a great one for Anstasia and she is really thriving!  


  1. Oh dear ........ dear little Dennis. Children can be so very cruel sometimes. How fortunate her has you guys as parents and he has a different option for school. He will thrive and has the interaction with his siblings. Great for Anastasia she has a job she would be perfect for!! In any photos I see of her she always looks so at peace. She's lovely 💕

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. Dennis is blessed to have a mom who can and will do this. Kids can be mean and I'm so sorry he has had to deal with this!

  3. Hoping Dennis can still get strait A's, what a wonderful goal, and learn to play the violin! GO Dennis!!
    Cheering you on!

  4. Your thinking is exactly like mine. Each child is different, each school year is different. I had one really hung-ho to publis school last year, and he made it one week. And now he is a Junior, and half way through the Penn Foster High School (online) program. We have 2 ps'ers, 3 online high schoolers, and 2 homeschooling. And all thriving in their spot! Dennis is growing into such a handsome young lad!

  5. Poor guy, he dreamt of going to public school but mean peers spoilt this dream... I feel for him but I hope i am not right and he is fine!!

  6. That sounds like a great job for Anastasia! Glad that homeschooling is working out for Dennis.

  7. Hmm - my post just disappeared.

    Just wondering if your family have read the book "Wonder" by AJ Palacio? There's a movie about to come out about it. It's about a boy who has had a lot of facial surgery who starts school after being homeschooled. It might be a good one for all your family, but especially Dennis as he gets older.
    A wonderful and compassionate book.

  8. I followed you when I blogged years ago and then lost touch when I stopped blogging. I️ stumbled across you this morning on Bloglovin’ and recognized the name immediately! I️ used to blog at In the Potter’s Hands. Now I’m at a new blog, It’s so good to see Dennis growing! I am sorry school didn’t work out for him. I understand, though, and am so glad he has you.


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