Friday, August 25, 2017

Two Happy Birthdays

Paul and Caleb both have August birthdays.  Often times we have celebrated them at the same time, and this year was no different.  With John out of town and my lower back giving me major problems it has been difficult managing for me.   So... it was an easy decision to go out for dinner with the bunch to celebrate.  We decided on a local pizza place, only there is actually two of the same place each owned by a brother.  Even though I talked to Andrew who suggested the place, I gave Julia and Thomas one address, and Andrew gave Caleb the other address.  Eventually we all ended up at the right one.

The owner of the pizza place was very friendly and accommodating.  After filling up on delicious pizza where the pepperoni hides under a wonderful layer of cheese, the waitress brought out a plate of cheesecake squares.  It was a really yummy gesture!
Back at home we sang happy birthday and had chocolate grahams and opened presents.  
Happy 17th birthday Paul!!!!  You make us proud!
Caleb is so funny and such a great sport.  Since technically his birthday isn't until next week, he insisted that Paul get the honors.  But, since I wouldn't see Caleb on his actual birthday he still went through the traditional act of blowing out his candle by relighting the same one Paul blew out immediately after Paul was done.  It was memorable.

Happy 21st birthday Caleb!   We love you so much!

Happy birthday to two amazing, fine young men!  We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Caleb and Paul. What fine young men they are. Christine, I hope you are all safe from this awful storm. I am guessing you are out of the danger zone. Soooooooo scary. I hope John can get home safely to you all. Sorry your back is bothering you.........aaahhhhhh......not much worse that a bad back 😫😫

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. Happy Birthday! Great idea to share birthday celebrations.

  3. I can't believe how grown up all your kids are! You have so many adult kids now instead of so many little ones.


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