Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ten Sons

It was such a blessing having all our boys home this past week.  
Here is a picture of them from youngest to oldest.
John joined our sons in the next picture.
Grandpa joined in this last picture.
After I took the picture half of the kids jumped into the pool!


  1. All of your boys are boyish happy guys and each of them is so very at home.

    i like seeing Dennis' real face under the scars. He has shiny blond hair, bright blue eyes, skin still like a china doll, cute face and kind personality.

  2. Something I just typed vanished 😂 So I'll try again! What a handsome bunch they are. Adam and Caleb are grown men already!! My goodness. Lovely group of boys for sure.

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. You are so very blessed!!!! They are beautiful sons, each and every one of them.:)

  4. So which son will be the first to outgrow his father. I'm stunned none have so far. My money is on Johnny.

  5. You have such handsome boys!! I love how Nolan put his arm around Oliver in the last two photos😍 It's so apparent the special bond they share😊 You are incredibly blessed


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