Thursday, August 17, 2017

Look at Oliver!

Do you remember when Oliver was one year old? He was so little... so far behind developmentally... it was too soon to tell how fast he would catch up or if even at all.
Well look at him now just five years later.
Oliver learned how to swim this summer!

Oliver now regularly holds his pencils and crayons the correct way and actually enjoys coloring!

Oliver understands how to be intentionally playful.  He can make a silly face for a picture.  He knows how to playfully tease with you as if to say-- ha ha you didn't get me!

And this summer he learned how to peddle his tricycle!

This summer has been such an amazing one of growth for Oliver.  It is exciting to watch him learn so many new things.  Today we go to his school to meet his (and Natalie's) new teacher.
Oliver's vocabulary is continually expanding as he learns to talk and I am sure he will make even more progress this year in first grade.


  1. Christine he is lovely! You guys have worked so hard with him to get him where he is today. It is amazing what the love of a family can do for a child. You have been the cheerleader for all your kids and I just think you and John are to be commended. 🤗

    Marilyn from Canada


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