Thursday, August 24, 2017

John's Asia trip (by John)

Before I left, Christine and I just had to have a bit of final "alone" time so we tried the Cracker Barrel.  It was fine, company was the best.

Next day, drove to Dallas to fly directly to Shanghai, China...

...where my company's Corporate Headquarters are located.  This city has 24,000,000 people!
The next morning I flew due North to a different city called Yan Tai which is right across the Yellow Sea from North Korea! (had to reschedule flights based on first being cancelled due to rains...)
From Yan Tai, I drove about an hour to our factory orchards and factory...

Great people making great juices !  Above are apple trees.  The original "red fujis" from Japan.  Every single one is bagged (for protection against weather, sprays, insects, and birds) and this region is FAMOUS for its apples!  We make the best apple juice!   A different part of the factory was pitting and canning cling peaches like I used to do in my Del Monte days !
I stood in the Yellow Sea and enjoyed the scenery, but sure missed my family...

And I loved my crazy meals in this country !!!
From actual fresh stingray to "hot pot" (very popular) to complete unknowns...

Then I went back to Shanghai and walked 3 miles (I needed the exercise) to a KFC (to cancel the exercise I guess).

Best part was the orange sherbet / vanilla mixed cone (not shown).
Along this 6 mile (total round trip) walk, I got some cool pictures I'm fond of...

Next day at Headquarters, I presented my findings of the plant and from "my office" there, you can see Baidu's building (they are the "google" of China--and google is not allowed in China--unless you do like I did, VPN to the US).
The next day, I drove two hours to Hangzhou to catch a flight to Hong Kong.  Probably similar trucks are in Texas but I hadn't seen one quite like this before...
At the airport, had I been in such a mood described below, 
I may have wanted a frosty sea cucumber treat !

Or maybe a warm box of...
Mengchan's Donkey meat !
Closest even remnant of Christianity that I saw in China was one of the escalator warnings which are a bit like the middle of James 1:27...
Anyway, I landed in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday night and enjoyed very much church on Sunday which was nicely cosmopolitan (and done in English).  Next to me was a man from West Africa named "Cross", behind me was a lady from Kenya, preacher was from U.S., and the speaker was the founder of Project Life.

After church I walked to Lumpini Park which was AMAZING.  I saw fish, turtles, a crazy big water monitor (lizard) and amazing scenery and festivals...

Here are a few videos too...

The next day, (Mondays always come...) I went to the Thailand office.
And the team took me to a local Burger King !

Then I began next day the long drive down the West Coast of Thailand to the factory!

Lots of coconut trees.  I even saw a few wild monkeys!!!

I can't show more pictures of the great factory, but it is great !
Tomorrow is Friday-- my last day here-- but I'm not going to new territory so my picture taking is likely over.  I see my family again Saturday if Tropical Storm Harvey doesn't pound Texas too hard and get my flights delayed --so pray for that with us !!!

Other Thailand photos to make this blog complete...
I love chocolate and I love corn chips therefore, I love Thai food !!! (?)
Other (already) fond memories for me...

Thinking of my sons with all the Marvel stuff oddly in the front of this hotel!
Been a great trip but I sure will be glad to be back with family.


  1. This is Awesome! I wish I could go with you. It looks like fun.

  2. Some of that food looks a bit 😳😳 Beautiful photos though. Interesting place, but not a place I'm hankering to go to I gave to say. I'm glad you are enjoying it!!

    Marilyn from Canada.

  3. Great pictures, have a safe and uneventful trip back to Texas. I see Durian fruit in one of the last pictures. Did you try it?? Bringing one home for the family ? :)

  4. I am seeing on the news that the weather in the gulf is really scary. I hope all the family is safe.

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. Thank you so much Marilyn. We are okay but we do wonder about John being able to fly home when he is supposed to. May get delayed. Can I get your email?

  5. Very interesting trip, brave to try different foods, I would be very concerned about a fatal food error! It did look healthy! Are you actually driving, in China, that would also be very disconcerning to me! Good for you for taking your business trip in stride!

    Hope you are with your family soon, as well as all other travelers.

    Following reports of the hurricane, praying for all those touched. Praying all are safe and secure!

  6. What an amazing trip, even if it was for work! Love all the pictures!

  7. Wow, that looks like an amazing trip!! Great photos!

  8. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing! I had no problem whatsoever keeping my weight up (so to speak) in Russia.....but I do think I might lose a few pounds presented with those items! How did the Burger King food taste?


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