Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Caddo Lake

Our family went to Caddo Lake. We had a wonderful time.  
It was beautiful, much prettier than pictures.
The large Cypress Trees growing out of the water hung with Spanish Moss.  The reflection off the water was as colorful as the trees themselves.
Julia and Thomas rented two canoes for everyone to use.

We all took turns rowing around the lake in between trees.

John fished with the kids.  After an hour with no luck John went and dug up an earthworm.  
Worm on hook, Anastasia got a bite as soon as her line hit the water.  The first time she didn't know to pull on her pole to hook the fish, but with a few tips from John, she finally caught a fish.  

At 6 o'clock in the evening we had reservations for a boat tour.  We got there a little early just as the previous tour finished.  We got to start half hour earlier.
After all the younger kids had their life jackets on, we took off in the pontoon boat.
Natalie really enjoyed the boat ride.  Isn't she adorable all snuggled up next to her Daddy?

Jonathan spotted this snake sunning on a platform of Cypress knees.  We also spotted an owl shortly thereafter.  When we came back around, the snake was gone.

           On the way back, Captain Ron let the kids take turns driving the boat.

We didn't see any alligators on the boat tour, so rather than disappoint, he invited us back to his home to see his alligator.

Meet Scales!

Captain Ron also showed us his baby ducks.  They were so cute!


  1. Another fun family outing would be Gator & Friends. It's an easy ride from here and there's something for everyone! Guarranteed to make memories!

  2. Such beautiful photos Christine! What a lovely place it is. I love the one of the trees reflecting a mirror image in the lake. It looks just soooooo peaceful there. Some of those boys are growing to be so BIG!! Especially William! Little Natalie is so cute all cuddled up to her daddy 💗

    Marilyn from Canada


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