Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nolan's Eye Surgery

 Nolan had eye surgery last Friday.  The surgeon did exploratory surgery to try and unblock Nolan's tear ducts.  Turns out that Nolan doesn't have tear ducts!  The surgeon also removed a few eyelashes that were growing inward.
Nolan was my brave boy.  He didn't even need Versed to calm him before they took him back.  The surgery was quick and he was home within a few hours.
Today is his post-op visit.  Good thing since this morning Nolan woke up with a red, puffy right eye.  It appears that his tear duct is getting infected.  You wouldn't know it though-- Nolan is up and running around and keeps asking if I will take him to school.  
As a consolation prize Nolan is watching Pokemon and writing down all the names of the characters.


  1. What a little trooper he is and such a sweetheart!! It seems to me he is a dear little boy......from my observations from afar. I hope things go well for him today.

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. I also have no tear ducts - part of the EEC syndrome, that lead to corneal scarring and perforations when I grew up. Don't hesitate to water his eyes many times a day, it can really be life changing ! Had I done so when I was younger, I would have avoided some serious eye issues.
    Nolan is a trooper and I wish him a speedy recovery !! :)

    Elizabeth (Belgium)

  3. What a sweet little boy:) Wishing Nolan a speedy recovery!

  4. I wish Nolan a quick and speedy recovery from the exploratory eye surgery. However, I am confused about one thing. If Nolan does not have tear ducts as the surgeon stated, then how on Earth can they become infected? Can you please post more info about this? It would set my mind at ease, thanks so much!


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