Friday, March 24, 2017

East Texas Oil Museum

William, Sveta, and I went to the oil museum yesterday.  It was very interesting and the displays exceeded my expectations.   The displays included so much detail into the ways of life some eighty years ago.  It was very cool learning about the oil boom in East Texas in the 30's.
William had so many questions.... He thinks we definitely live "better" now.  We have such a variety of foods and our tools are so much more modern now, not to mention lighter in weight.
However, it would be cool to drive one of those antique cars.  

In one of the buildings is an elevator ride.  It gives the illusion that it is descending deep into the earth down to where the oil is.  
The town exhibit was very realistic.
Even the horses looked real.

Now onto the next museum!


  1. I love wandering through places like that too. It is interesting to see how thing used to be. Where I live they are building a new museum and I'm so looking forward to it opening. It's always a great family outing.

    Marilyn from Canada.

  2. How cool! How have I never been there?! Need to look it up!


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