Monday, February 27, 2017

The Weekend

Alex and Nolan love the weekends as do all the kids.  Not only do they get to sleep in for a few hours but they get to play and eat and play and eat.  
 John and Jonny took advantage of the nice, calm day to burn all of our leaves from the front yard.  We are trying to prepare the area so we could plant grass.  Once there is grass there, we can hopefully switch from raking to mowing.
I love this picture of Julia, Natalie, and Anastasia.  Natalie waits with anticipation that big sister will give her a beater to lick.
Somehow Mittens managed to climb into the attic of our garage and get herself stuck in the fascia/rafters of our house.  JJ and Annalyn to the rescue!

John built me a new swing over the weekend.  It is another place to enjoy the outdoors.  Natalie sure loves it!  I think it's awesome too!

Natalie loves her Daddy!


  1. Great photos!! Natalie is such a doll💕

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Natalie with such a huge smile! Precious!!!


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