Monday, February 27, 2017

Beautiful Sick Eyes

Being sick can really take its toll.  Oliver has been sick since the beginning of February when we took him to ER for pneumonia.  He was given three different types of antibiotics.  Just when he had two days of antibiotics left, he got the stomach flu and threw up for 2 days. (I started him on probiotics as soon as he stopped throwing up)  He seemed to get better for a couple of days, but quickly relapsed with whatever he has now.  Since some of our kids tested positive for flu, the doctor figured that is what he had, plus an ear infection and sinus infection.  We have started another round of antibiotics.  Yet, he is not getting better.  Breathing treatments, fever reducing meds, and decongestants merely put a bandaid on his symptoms.  
Just look at his eyes.  Bless his heart.
Heading back to the doctor today.  I'm thinking RSV?  Taking Jonny and William too.  They both have facial swelling and thick green mucous.  Pretty sure they have major sinus infections too.
Alex was out all last week with fever and flu symptoms.  His fever would spike so high at night that I had to put cold towels on his body to help bring the fever down.  Thankfully he is better.
Natalie was pretty sick too.  She stayed home all last week.  Thankfully, the antibiotics have really helped her sinus infection.
I hate to see my children sick.  It breaks my heart.  My children tend to get very discouraged during times of sickness since it is hard for them to imagine feeling better.   Thankfully family time and lots of cuddles help.


  1. Oh have all had more than your share of sickness!!! Those poor kids! Poor little Oliver does look so sick. Hopefully some new meds will put him on the right path. These things do go through families for sure. I hope March comes in with good health for you and your family.

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. So sorry to hear that your kiddos are sick. Praying that they get better soon!

  3. Sorry all the kids are sick😟 I hope Olivers medicine start to work soon and he starts to feel better. Poor little guy. Fingers crossed March will be a healthy month for all.


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