Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Family Life

Paul at sixteen years old is a growing, eating machine.  He is always appreciative of everything we make and for that I am appreciative.
Alex, Nolan, and Dennis are into cards.  Card games, Pokemon cards, and magic tricks keep them busy nowadays.
This picture was taken back around Christmas time. Love it!
It was a real pleasure having our oldest son Adam around for the holidays.  He took every opportunity to experience our Texas life.
With so many "older" kids around, it is fun to play games like Mexican Train and Balderdash.

 It's fun to play little kid games too!

When temperatures dropped here into the teens we had our first fire.
Lazing around
Homemade chicken pot pies are so yummy!  Julia has mastered the art of pie crust making.


  1. Did you ever tell us why you moved to Texas? I'm not critical, just curious. I've never moved anywhere and I just wonder what it's like. :-P

  2. Either you have extra girls in the photos or they are growing up so fast that I don't recognize them anymore.

  3. Teenage boys constantly have their heads in the fridge and are always hungry. I have 3 teenage grandsons and 2 of them are 6'5" and eat constantly. And yes, they are basketball players 🏀 Those pies look fabulous Julia....good job!! Great photos and lovely family.

    Marilyn from Canada

  4. Beautiful photos. My younger boys also love Pokemon cards. The kids are getting so big! Believe me I know how much teenage boys eat! The chicken pot pie looks so good! Looks like you are all really enjoying life in Texas😊

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time!


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