Monday, January 2, 2017

Adam and Nattles

Adam makes it very obvious how much he adores his little sister Natalie.  Hands down, she is his favorite person.  I think the feeling is mutual.


  1. they really seem to have a connection ! How sweet !
    Happy year 2017 !

  2. Sooooooooooo precious!!! It is hard to believe she is the same little sweetheart you brought home. This connection between the two of them is just so obvious from these photos. Adam is such a lovely young man :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Great photos and such a special relationship! Adam has always seemed so matured, caring and just an all around GREAT young man!

  4. How sweet:) she seems like such a happy little girl and what a great big brother Adam is!!

  5. Precious photos - they make me feel so happy!


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