Monday, December 5, 2016

The Land of Trees

It feels like we live in the land of trees.  It's the kind of place I have always imagined living in.  Peace.  Beauty.  It takes my breath away.  The way the trees filter the light through their leaves and branches is such a glorious display of God showing off.   The sounds of the leaves rustling, the tree tops swaying in the wind, the rain falling-- it is magical.  I love it.  In the evening you can hear the insects making music... sometimes so loud you can't hear anything else.
John took this picture a few minutes before he flew into East Texas.
This is another picture that John took when we went to Martin Creek Lake.
Here is another one.
Look at Jonny in this big Oak tree.   


  1. Beautiful photos. Yes, you will find it so different than Southern California. Refreshing I would think. I bet you are enjoying having Julia home :-) She's a wonderful girl, but you know that already.

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. Love your pics, especially the one of Jonny in the big oak tree! How did he manage to climb up there...without skinning his bare legs?


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