Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Secret Santa Siblings

On Christmas Eve we all went our church service. The choir sang beautifully! When we got home we had carnitas tacos with pico de gallo. One of the kids pointed out that the red and green salsa had a very festive look. I wish I could say that was planned. ;) After dinner the older kids exchanged their secret santa gifts. We all enjoyed this very much.
Some of the gifts were very practical, while others were unique and would be considered just a nice thing to have.  It was an awesome balance and I think the kids had a fun time doing the gift exchange. This whole secret santa thing started between the older kids so that they would not feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to buy for all of their siblings.  It has turned into a much anticipated event that we all enjoy sitting around the living room and watching unfold.  By the end of the gift revealing some still had no clue who their secret santa was.

Some got really creative with their wrapping!

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