Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Birthday William!

William turned 17 years old!  
Julia made two of his favorite things-- Graham Smores and Muddy Buddies.
We had fried chicken for dinner-- another favorite of his.
William was thrilled to light his own candles.
Natalie was much more attentive watching him light the candles. 

We all enjoyed overdosing on the sugary sweets.
William got cards and gifts from everyone.  Dennis' card and gift was extra sweet.  He taped three quarters and a Jack in the Box gift card that he had been given for his birthday that still had a small balance remaining on it to the birthday card he made for William.
After William blew out his candles and opened presents, we all relaxed the rest of the evening.
Graham Smores happen to be one of Thomas' favorite desserts too.
Happy birthday William.  You are such an awesome young man!  You have matured so much this past year.  As the oldest son in the family, we appreciate how easily you have transitioned into that role.   Thank you for all that you do including taking and picking up Dad from the airport.   

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM!!! He has REALLY grown tall all of a sudden, hasn't he? So has Paul! I love the photos at the top of your blog.........and to see little Natalie smiling like that is soooooo lovely. My goodness, you work miracles with your children. Julia is happy to be home too. We are perishing up here in Canada........-24C today and with the windchill it is -35C. Believe me that is cold :-( But the sun is really shining. Do you get snow at all? Have a wonderful day!!

    Marilyn from Canada


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