Saturday, December 31, 2016

Family Happenings

For Christmas we got the kids a new trampoline.   They were more than happy to put it together.
This picture of my boys working together really warms my Mama heart.
William is an awesome big brother to Natalie.  Considering how he felt when she first came home, this is a present day miracle... one of many that we have seen over the years.  
Adam is a master at putting this play place together.  Third time is a charm.  After searching for plans on the internet, and replacing missing wood and bolts, the guys finally finished this huge task.

Hanging out 
Oliver is so happy to have the playplace finished.

Natalie loves to swing, so JJ happily pushed.
Adam and Julia 

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  1. Wonderful pictures Christine! The play house is so lovely and the little kids will have so much fun. Such a lovely family you have. Happy New Year to you all!!

    Marilyn from Canada


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