Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Pictures

I've always wanted to take a picture of someone taking a picture.  Now I can say that I have.
We recently painted our house complete with a red front door.  Perfect for Christmas!
Nolan is still the puzzle expert in our family.  
He is so good at putting together even 1000 piece puzzles.
He knew we would finish this puzzle while he was at school, which he hates, so he thought ahead.
Can you believe that a certain someone didn't take the hint and finished it anyway?  Don't worry, I did damage control by removing a handful of pieces before he got home.
Dennis is a sweet big brother.
Can you say Pinterest fail?  They still tasted delicious!  And I thought they still looked cute.
The kids really enjoy doing crafts.

Glue, tape, scissors, and some paper--  it doesn't take much to make them happy.

 What a beautiful piece of art!
One day someone from church brought us farm fresh eggs.  I think it started as a "Welcome to Texas" gift, but it has since turned into a regular thing.  It has been such a huge blessing and nothing beats the taste of fresh eggs!


  1. I'm giggling about Nolan's effort to save the last pieces of the puzzle. My grandpa used to pocket a piece and "find" it when we were done. I'm on your side Nolan!

  2. Looks like they are having so much fun! Nolan is such a cutie pie.........that is really cute how he tried to keep his puzzle to finish later. How lovely someone gives you all those eggs! Honestly you cannot beat (no pun intended) farm fresh eggs. YUM! How wonderful!! I hope you are staying nice and warm now winter has reared its ugly head arounfd the country. We had -40C the other day. Much better now though I'm pleased to say. Have a great day!

    Marilyn from Canada.

  3. That is so cute how Nolan loves making puzzles:) How wonderful to have someone deliver fresh eggs. Sounds like you are in a great community. Lovely photos of the kids!!

  4. I LOVE Nolan! He is so funny, and so sweet! I remember my little brother always pocketing a piece or two of the puzzle, so he could be the one finishing up. I do enjoy your posts.



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