Saturday, November 12, 2016


The kids are always looking at the blog. They love when I post pictures. They just love it.  So, at their request, here are more pictures.
Our youngest five kids have a full day at school.  They are on the bus by 6:30am and don't get off the bus until after 4pm.  Like I said-- it is a full day.  I have mixed feelings about having them gone for so long, but the school district has been really awesome, and Natalie and Oliver do take naps there, so for now we are making it work.  
Nolan is such a helpful young man.  He is so tenderhearted towards his little sister Natalie, I can't stand the cuteness.
After school one of the kids' favorite things to do is to play on our back deck with the dogs and kittens.  
What three handsome boys!  
I found this shirt at the Children's Place.  Admittedly, I got it because of an inside joke with one of the kids and the fact that it was four bucks, but I also got it because it describes Natalie to a T.   In addition to clearance items, the Children's Place also has jeans on sale for $8!  
You can say, I stocked up!
Last weekend, Oliver was sick.  He threw up everywhere.  It must have been something he specifically ate because no one else got sick.  Poor little guy.  Don't worry, he recovered in about 6 hours.
Our church is collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We put together four boxes as a family.  The kids also made cards or drew pictures for each box.  For just a small amount of time and money we have the opportunity to teach our kids about giving and being other oriented.  I encourage you to check it out the ministry.   It is not too late to turn in a box at one of the many drop off locations.
William helping Sveta
Alex likes to help out in the kitchen.  I try to find jobs that he can do by himself.  He was very proud to help me unload groceries. 
John made breakfast one morning-- french toast!  
I miss making homemade bread.  It is a love/hate relationship.  I hate the doughy mess on my hands, but I love how good homemade bread tastes and so does my family.  A few days ago I came across a monkey bread recipe and I thought it looked easier than rolling out cinnamon rolls so so I decided to make one from scratch.   I made enough dough for two.  The first night we had orange monkey bread and the second night we had cinnamon.  Both turned out very yummy!


  1. We are doing our shoebox this weekend. Where did you get the plastic containers? We have the actual box but the soccer ball won't fit in it. Glad y'all are adjusting to Texas--if there is a Market Street, Central Market or Whole Foods in Tyler, they have better produce. Market Street is the cheapest of the three but has quality food, Central Market is cheaper than Whole foods etc.

  2. The Shoe Box Christmas boxes are great for kids to do. My grandchildren did this when they were young and just loved doing it. The little boys are so adorable and Natalie has made such progress :-) She is a little princess I think. 6.30 IS early isn't it, but if they are doing so well it's worth it. I'm glad you all seem do be settling in so well.

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. It is sweet that they like you to post pictures. :) They are adorable.

    You need a breadmaker (if someone else didn't say that, I'm surprised); it takes care of all that sticky part.


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