Thursday, November 17, 2016

At the Risk of Endangering Our Kids...

I bought them a Slackline.
I know. I know.
What kind of Mom am I?
Well let me tell you.
I'm the kind of Mom that wants my kids to go out and try new things.

I'm the kind of Mom that wants my kids off of electronics and social media.

I'm the kind of Mom that wants my kids outside rather than inside.
I'm the kind of Mom that wants my kids to challenge themselves by learning a new skill.

I'm the kind of Mom that is willing to risk a few broken bones and possibly a twisted neck for the sake of some quick thrills.  
Well, no, not that last one, but since I have proven that just walking next to the couch can result in a broken toe, I try really hard to not worry about the dangers of things like uni-cycling, climbing trees, skate boarding, back flipping, and well slack-lining.
Every day the kids are practicing and getting better.  John got them a couple of PVC pipes to help them balance.  Even John gets up on the slackline.  Now that freaks me out!


  1. That is so cool! I have wanted to get one, but was a bit skepticall as to whether it would really work. Which one did you buy?

  2. What fun Christine! Obviously the kids are enjoying it immensely. What kid wouldn't love it!! You are a GREAt mum :-)

    Marilyn from Canada.

  3. Have to admit, never heard of slacklining and had to google it! Any way to get kids outside and off electronics!!

  4. There's an adult man in our neighborhood who has a line between two trees in his front yard. We always get such a charge when we happen by and see him.

    Surely trampolines must be more dangerous! And POOLS!

    My mom, who is 95, shared with me earlier today that her first memory is of wandering around the little town they lived in - she must have been only 4 or 5. She smiled when I told her that her mother must have been into "free-range parenting".

  5. What fun! I, too, love to have my kids out trying new things. I tell people that with 12 kids, if I was a worrier I'd be a basket case. :) You are an awesome Mama!

    Blessings to you all!

  6. My nephew Allen, Priscilla's son, brought a slackline to our family Fourth of July picnic. It was a great hit. Afterward my other sister Rachel's husband went out and bought one.
    I think you are a great mom.

  7. You're an amazing mom! And I agree--that's the perfect thing for our kids!

  8. We have a slackline too and a trampoline and no one has gotten hurt yet. They are lots of fun.


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