Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Simple Things

Some of the smallest things in life bring the most joy.  Over this past weekend, John and William put up this swing.  It has brought many smiles to the kids.

On a side note, Lexi is really enjoying country life in Texas.  I had my worries about there being no fences, and how well she would do with strangers and other dogs, but she acclimated better than I could have imagined.  There are at least half a dozen other dogs, all running free in the neighborhood and they hang out together.  The dogs pretty much all know which is their own property although most of the dogs end up in our front yard.  I'm sure it is because all of our kids pet, play, and feed them. Lexi goes on walks with us, runs with the other dogs, and yet stays close to home.  So thankful that she is content.  


  1. The swing looks like a lot of fun! It goes sooo high!
    It's great Lexi is liking the country life in Tx...I hope everyone else settles in and likes it too.

  2. What fun to have room to spread out!

  3. Make sure to get your dog on heart worm preventive. It's a big issue in Texas.

  4. So glad you are loving Texas! Your love for Texas is really shining through! Through your words you seem a lot happier. So happy to see that! :)


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