Monday, October 31, 2016

Texas Life

One morning we found this spider in our kitchen.  Andrew thought it was a recluse but because of its stripe down its back I think it is definitely not one.  At least I hope so.
Homemade chicken pot pie stew is so cozy, warm, and filling.  A family fave-- it pleases every time!
Though our electric bill is literally less than half of what it used to be in California, produce out here in Texas is definitely higher priced and not quite as high in quality.  Not complaining, just more of an observation.  So, when grapes go on sale for $1.29 a pound, 
I stock up and we enjoy them while we can.  
Our "new" home was built in 1996.  Though it is a lovely home, it is in need of some TLC.  John and the kids have been working on the deck.  It is nearly done being stained. 
Natalie and Oliver like to play in the kitchen while dinner is being cooked.
Sveta is a wonderful big sister.  She does lots of different things with the kids.   
Playing games is just one.


  1. Fun times. Everytime I see a spider or other thing slightly repulsive I repeat that line "And the Lord God made them all" from the poem and the books about the vet. And then wonder why WHY? :)

    That chicken pot pie stew looks delish. Maybe I found my inspiration for tonight's supper!

    I think we should make a blog entitled what are you cooking for dinner and everyone's comments can inspire someone else...

  2. It looks like you are all settled in........which is great. Moving can be daunting. I know as I have moved several times. That spider 🕷 looks awful! Do they bite? Sveta is a sweetheart :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. If I remember right, brown recluses are pretty small. But everything's bigger in Texas! ;)
    Glad you guys are settling in. :)

  4. Do you have an Aldi nearby? They often have grapes on sale .99 lb. My Aldi store has great quality produce and great sales. Sprouts have good sales too.

  5. When we moved to Florida 3 years ago our electric bill was also cut in half but groceries here cost about 1/3 more here than in PA. Housing costs are way cheaper and overall cost of living but we are a family of 7 with 3 teen boys so I spend way more than I would like on groceries. So I can definitely relate to you there. Love the photos of the kids!! What a great big sister Sveta is😊

  6. That's a wolf spider. They carry their babies on their backs! Ew! So don't smash it during baby spider season unless you want a huge crawling mess.

    Emily Minich

  7. I haven't checked out your blog in a while - you're in Texas now? We are too. Sorry about the spiders... and the heat ;)

  8. NO temptation to move to Texas at all!!!!!! Not after seeing the spider. I simply don't handle spiders well. We have mostly small ones here in Michigan, but they are getting the idea it would be nice to get inside for winter, so at least once daily I have to call one of the boys to "save me".


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