Friday, October 14, 2016

Rain, Poison Ivy, and Another Birthday

Good morning. It's Friday! It's also Anastasia's 18th birthday!  

Our day starts at 5:15am around here. It used to be 5:00am but we've gotten into a good routine that has allowed us to shave 15 minutes off of our time. You don't know how crucial those extra 15 minutes can be to this tired Mama. 

Normally everyone rides the bus, but since I had to take the older girls into town for their job training early this morning, I drove the middle and high school kids to school-- in the glorious rain.

Wow-- lots of info in that last sentence, right?

Yes! (smiling ear to ear)

It has been raining the last two days which is awesome because it hardly ever rained in SoCal.
Annalyn, Sveta, and Anastasia just started new jobs all at the same place. (Annalyn also works at the local movie theater.)
Two nights ago we went to Wednesday night church. It's awesome because the church serves dinner and it's free for all of the kids. Not only do I get a mid week break from cooking, but it is also very affordable at only $5 per adult.
Plus the kids get some spiritual nourishment midweek alongside kids their age and I get a chance to socialize a bit.
Lexi loves our new home.
Here she is relaxing on our back deck.
In the woods you see behind Lexi is a breeding ground for poison ivy and probably sumac.  John has sprayed our whole property a few times and the kids know to be extra cautious now, but only after getting an itchy rash we battled for two weeks.
Not fun that's for sure, but it comes with the territory I guess.
Stick bugs love it around here.  We have seen quite a few hanging out on the deck and around our front door.
I still love to bake although I don't do it as much as I used to.  Still getting used to the ovens and electric cook-top.  I made a couple of buttermilk pies, and they weren't a huge hit like I thought they would be.  Oh well, I think I'll stick to pumpkin and blueberry.
John and the boys pressure washed the deck this past weekend.  Now if only it would stop raining long enough for John and the boys to stain it.


  1. Happy Birthday Anastasia! Hope you have a great day!

    We're enjoying the cooler weather today too. The soft rain is nice after summer's heat. Sounds like everyone is busy with school, church, work and making new friends!

  2. Welcome to East Texas, where you can breathe in and swallow!

  3. Happy Birthday Anistasia!!!! 18 years old already and she has grown into such a lovely young lady. She has a look of peace about her....that's how she always looks to me. After SoCa dryness the rain will seem heavenly. There is something so refreshing about the rain. I see Oliver is helping to wash the deck too. Dear little boy. Poison Ivy is not so great, is it? :-( Didn't one of the kids get stung by that a few years ago? I seem to remember that and it was awful. I'm so glad you are enjoying you new home and surroundings.

    Marilyn from Canada.

  4. LOts of changes! Did all the "big" kids move with you or did some stay behind?

  5. Buttermilk pies are my absolute favorite, as in - why have any other kind of pie? Except I use just a bit over half the sugar that most recipes call for. That makes it a bit more like a custard pie - and of course a lot less sweet!

    Poison ivy is very hard to eradicate, says the girl whose had it on her face twice in the past year.

  6. Happy Birthday, Anastasia! My goodness, so many October birthdays, I don't know how you remember them all! I'm so glad to see your blog back online! Your family is amazing

  7. Wow, I remember when Anastasia came home and now she is 18 and working?!


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