Monday, October 10, 2016

Life in Texas

Good-bye Stater Brothers.  Hello  Brookshires.  I wasn't crazy about the store at first, but then as I started watching the ads and shopping the sales, it kind of grew on me.  
William and I came across this cleverly packed meat bundle all taped together.  Not sure why, but we thought it was "cool" enough to buy because we had never seen anything like it back in Ca.
I normally only buy the chicken breasts so finding other ways to incorporate the other cuts of meat into my meal planning proved to be a little challenging.   Oh well, it was interesting and the kids liked the change of pace.
This might as well as been a scene out of a horror movie because that is what it felt like.  On of our children had a blow out and I didn't realize it until I had picked her up and felt something gooey and slippery all over my forearm.  Not fun... but I am sure many of you can relate.
Annalyn and the friendly caterpillar
Sveta got a new haircut.

My Mom and Sister live about two hours away.  They came over one weekend.
It was fun with all of us cooking in the kitchen.
 My Sister brought us fireworks to celebrate our move to Texas since she knows we haven't had them living in SoCal for the last six years.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed them except Natalie and Oliver and of course, the dog. I ended up taking them all inside.  


  1. Your new kitchen looks so nice! A fun place to make many more memories :)

  2. I would use the cube steak. We do it two ways. One is in the crockpot with gravy and the other is a bbq sauce. You'd have to time it by five or whatever. We serve it with rice.

    Ranch Style Cubed Steak
    1/2 c ketchup
    1/4c BBQ sauce
    T. mustard
    T. Worchester sauce
    Sliced onion
    Cubed steak

    Heat butter in skillet. Add onions and brown. Blend ketchup, BBQ sauce, and mustard. Add cubed steaks, cover and simmer on low 20 minutes or until done.


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