Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Nolan

Nolan is our outgoing, adventurous boy! It seemed appropriate to go to the park for his birthday!
So that's what we did!
This past weekend we took the kids to a local park where we walked around the whole lake.

Often times, kids were off doing their own thing, but we were always in ear shot of each other.

The kids got a kick out of the geese and ducks.
John and the boys even found a snake and a turtle!

Natalie likes being outdoors too.
For dinner we all went out to a Mexican Restaurant.  We all enjoyed the endless chips and salsa. 

It was a nice surprise that made Nolan smile from ear to ear when the staff brought out a sombrero and birthday dessert.
Back at home we did cake and presents.
Happy birthday to our kind, smart, flirtatious, funny, puzzle-loving, boy!

The next day Dennis helped Nolan put his Lego set together.


  1. Happy Birthday Nolan!! How cute is he with the SombrerošŸ˜Š Love it!!

  2. Happy Birthday Nolan! How old are you now?

    I love the nature park...it looks like a great family place to enjoy the nice October weather. Then food and presents = fun day!

  3. Nolan is a darling. Always smiling it seems and he and Oliver seem to hang together a lot. Lovely kids.......all of them.

    Marilyn from Canada.

  4. Adorable Nolan. So sweet to see him beam in that Sombrero!


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