Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Texas?

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Since I could remember I have always wanted to live somewhere green.  
Somewhere with lots of trees.
A place where my kids could climb trees... maybe have a tire swing.
Someplace less busy.
Out of the city.
Maybe on some land.
With some chickens.
A place where my kids could run around, be loud, and enjoy nature.
Oh and did I mention, cheaper?  Much cheaper?
A dream?
But maybe not.
Over the summer Galina and I flew out to Texas for a three day house hunt.
Our real estate agent and friend who had sold us our last home in California had moved out to Texas a few years ago.  He was more than willing to take us on a tour to see all the homes I was interested in.
As I found homes on the internet that called out to me,  he inquired about them.
It was a crazy storm of emails for many weeks going back and forth.  
Many of the homes I felt a real connection with ended up not being available for some reason or another.  By the time we were on a plane heading out to Texas, I knew our road trip would include nineteen houses in fifteen different cities all in East Texas.

Of course Galina and I had to visit my Mom and Sister, and my Mom was coming on the road trip with us, so we started out in the Dallas area.
Early the next morning our real estate agent friend picked us up to begin this whirlwind house hunt.  Steve, was an amazing guide/driver/agent.  He never rushed us through a property and even accommodated us when we found a new property to look at while on the road.  
Here are the cities we visited.

Sulphur Springs
New Boston
Grand Saline
Fort Worth

An 800 mile circle!

I must say that everywhere we drove in Texas was gorgeous, and each time we drove up to a new house, I thought this will be the one.
However, it was obvious, sometimes right as we walked in the front door, that the home 
wasn't the one.

We looked at homes on fifty acres.  Some were fixer-uppers.  Some were Winchester Mystery Houses.  Some did not have a good layout.  One had an indoor pool.  

A few I absolutely loved, but they were not practical for our family, needing a ton of work.
When all was said and done, there were only three houses that I could really see our family living in...


  1. Can't wait for pictures! And now that we are less than 11 hours apart driving, it's time to meet :)

  2. Good for you! I'm in East Texas also, if you need any help finding special needs resources or just want to know someone local. :-)

  3. So many people are moving to Texas! I hope you find it wonderful and welcoming.

  4. Well, THIS is going to be fun!

    My first thought is - GREEN? TEXAS? My one trip through Texas caused me to remember it as really dry and brown and tumbleweedy. Yet I think of Southern California as green! I was surprised looking at your photo that it was in Texas.

    I'm impressed that you can just up and move....sounds like such an enormous undertaking, so I can't wait to hear the "rest of the story"!

  5. What an exciting journey to find your new home!

  6. Can't wait to heat more. What about your husband's job?

  7. I LOVE this! Can't wait for the next installment. Christine you are amazing.

  8. Good for you making such a big move! Change is a good thing and such a blessing to move to an area with a much lower cost of living, especially while raising a large family. I can't wait to hear more!!

  9. I lived in Keene, TX as a child. I loved it. Texas has an AWESOME state fair....

  10. Dear Christina,

    Moving to Texas sounds great!I totally understand you. As a Central European I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without dense vegetation.
    Nice house and nice garden in the picture! :)

    (I miss Rachel. What does she do? Will she also move?)



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