Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Big Move

We picked up moving trucks on Friday, September 2.  We spent the whole day loading them.  We even hired two movers to help us.  By 9pm we had every square inch of 
the three 26 foot trucks filled.

We were all bone tired and asleep by midnight.  Our alarms were set for 5am.
1500 miles over three days, that was our plan.
John, Thomas, and my Mom each drove a Penske.  Galina drove our Expedition while I drove our 15 passenger van.  Each time we stopped it usually took 45 minutes to fill up, go to the bathroom, and grab a snack.  Though we talked to our bank, our cards were constantly flagged because of our large fuel purchases out of state.  We often had to show our ID and call the bank right there and then. It was frustrating and often caused more delay, but we managed.
When we finally arrived at the motel of our new hometown John realized that during our last fuel stop, the gas attendant had failed to give him back his license.    
Talk about stress!  We had an appointment to sign escrow papers in the morning and John didn't have identification.  That is when I remembered where our passports were packed in a desk drawer. 
But which truck?
After much deduction we narrowed it down to what we thought was the right truck but soon realized that the desk was packed at the front.
In the motel parking lot, while the town appeared to still be be asleep, two men rummaged through a moving truck with flash lights.
John and Thomas spent two hours squeezing their way through to the buried desk at the front of the truck when they got really quiet.  
At one point my Mom and I thought they had passed out from heat and lack of oxygen.

At that moment I laid hands on the front of the truck and began praying.
Praying they were okay.  
Praying they would find the passports.
Just then, my Mom saw them making their way out...

with the right passport in hand!


An hour later we did our walk-thru and then signed papers at the title company.
It wasn't long before we had the keys to our new home!
Before unpacking

After unpacking


  1. waouh ! You made me feel exhausted ! ;)

  2. Glad you were able to find and use the passport. Things like that are so annoying. I dropped my credit card at a gas station and didn't realize it, and I couldn't rest easy until I had it back.

    Love the pool!

  3. Cross country moving - how tiring. Glad you're in your new house!
    I love the light coming into your kitchen! Interested in how you decorate...

  4. I totally get the frustration with the credit card. This Summer we drove from Fl to NY and our credit card kept getting flagged too. Even though we had put a travel alert on it. So frustrating having to call up everytime and they spend so much time asking security questions after I already gave them our password. It was crazy!! it was like speaking to robots. Sorry about Johns driver license. Glad you had a passport you could access. What an awesome adventure for your family. I love the pool. Nolan and Oliver are too cute:) looking forward to more photos of your family and new home.

  5. My goodness.....what a trip!!! I thought we had an adventure when we moved right across Canada driving with a 2 year old....in 1968!! What a trip!! Your new house looks lovely and 2 acres is just perfect. The kids all look very happy and will just love that pool. Small town life is just the best. Can't wait to hear more.

    Marilyn from Canada.

  6. I'm exhausted after reading this. ;) Glad you all made it there safely. I hope you all love your new home. It sure is perty! :)

  7. Congratulations on your big move. The photo with the three moving trucks is a great one.....and a wonderful memory. The fact that you laid hands on your car speaks to your faith and the power of prayer. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story...new job? family? did all the kids move with you? Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  8. wow, congrats on the move! I love your circular pool!!! Can't wait to hear more about life in Texas :)

  9. Congratulations! Did all your big kids move with you or did a few stay behind?

  10. Hi there. My daughter recently found your blog. We too moved to East Texas 2 years ago. We have 11 children with 7 being from China. We have loved the layed back life of Tx. You will love the fall hear. Nice and long. I was curious if you were anywhere close to Tyler . I would love to meet you.

    Wendi Smith

  11. Love the picture of the 3 trucks at the gas station! Me and a friend drove our own 26 ft. Hertz/Penske from NY to Texas 26 years ago and it was quite the adventure for us so I can imagine it was for your kids as well!

  12. I'm so glad I didn't miss this post. I love the adventure of it all - it seems pretty exciting! And, what a beautiful house!

    The adventure with the license was not fun at the time, I'm sure, but certainly a fun story in retrospect. When we moved from Oregon to Michigan our moving truck broke down in Wyoming and everything had to be moved from one truck to another. I was crying at the time, but remember all the details as amusing now.


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