Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lots of Birthdays!!!!

This weekend we celebrated lots of birthdays! Paul turned 16! Caleb turned 20! And Uncle Jack and Aunt Tanya have birthdays in August too!
Uncle Jack and Julia 
  BTW, Julia leaves for Guatemala in a few days for a three month stint at Hope for Home.
Gail and Sveta
Gail is our good friend that we met at church.  She is awesome to play Mexican Train with.
Anastasia and Uncle Jack
Playing Rummikub with Sandy and Gail
We had a full house of family and friends!

Ryan and Matthew (the boys' friends) came over for the day.
Annalyn with her boyfriend JJ and William
We sang happy birthday and then watched...  

then Caleb, 
then Uncle Jack, 
and finally Aunt Tanya blow out their candles.
Next, was opening presents.

William with Grandma and Anastasia
Alex.. I mean Thor building Legos
Three generations
Happy birthday to four amazing people!  Thanks for giving us four awesome reasons to celebrate!


  1. What fun!! That was certainly a boat load of people :-) Happy Birthday to everyone.........they are growing up very quickly, aren't they? Julia must have enjoyed her last trip to be going again. Can you put her address on again so I can follow her. Thanks. Have a great day!!

    Marilyn fron Canada.

  2. Wonderful photos and what a special day! I have refound your blog after a time...I'm a long time reader. Where is Rachel now? I haven't seen her lately in your blog and I always enjoyed seeing her updates!💕


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