Friday, August 12, 2016

Andrew's Unlucky Break

Just like Jonathan is a magnet for getting bee stings (around 3 a summer), Andrew seems to be a magnet for getting hurt.  Back on July 11 he and a couple of his brothers were horsing around at a friend's house and Andrew jumped into the pool and hit his hand on the side.
He didn't think it was broken, but by the swelling I thought otherwise.
Look at this break on his right hand!
The urgent care doctor referred him to a surgeon at Loma Linda but when I called they could not get him in till the end of July-- and that was just to be evaluated.  I didn't like the thought of him waiting that long so I called Arrowhead Orthopaedics.  They got him in the next day and surgery was scheduled four days later.
The surgery went well and he was in and out in a couple of hours.  Two pins were placed.  Two weeks later another x-ray was taken and his hand was nearly healed!  They casted him for one more week.
This was his x-ray just a few days ago.  Good news-- he got his cast off...
and pins removed.
   July 11th when Andrew first broke his hand to August 9th when he got his cast off and pins out-- less than one month!
Andrew is a quick healer!


  1. Wow! I can't believe they would have made him wait so long for an evaluation!
    So glad you found someone else to help him. It looks great.

  2. My daughter broke her elbow this summer and had to wait for a appointment at Loma Linda. It seemed like forever it was two weeks she as in a soft cast waiting for her appointment. Glad Andrew is healed!

  3. That would have been too long of a wait I think. He sure is a fast healer for sure. He's a very handsome boy :-)

    Marilyn from Canada


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