Monday, May 23, 2016

Natalie's ABA Therapy

After a couple of months of school it was obvious that Natalie was regressing.  Many of her old behaviors were returning and things were becoming harder at home again.  That is when I asked the school to evaluate her for ABA therapy.  The first time around, it was determined by the school that she didn't need one, so I initiated an outside evaluation through our private insurance.  Of course they found her eligible-- 40 hours a week eligible to be exact, so I pulled her out of school where she could receive those services in our home.  However, I found it odd that the school found her ineligible when it was so obvious that she needs ABA and she was once again thriving.  I decided to bring an advocate to another IEP meeting I called and asked that she be reevaluated.  The school agreed, and after this second round of observations, the school found her eligible for a one on one aide trained in ABA therapy.


So now, Natalie is back at school with a one on one aide and then she receives about four hours of ABA therapy once she gets home and on Saturdays.


  1. So glad you persisted! I get tired of fighting all the people who are supposed to be "helping" our kids. I know money is tight but it shouldn't skew how they "assess" for needs. Good job mama!

  2. What does ABA stand for? She sure has grown since the last pictures. Good on you for persisting!

  3. Oh Christine! I haven't looked at your blog since you went private, so I have missed so much! I just clicked on you again on the off chance and up it popped. Thank you. I cannot believe how everyone has grown in that time. Wow! The girls are all so beautiful! And grown up. Natalie has come along too since I last saw her. My goodness, you have done wonders for that dear little girl. anyhow now I have to go back on your posts and catch up. God bless you all.

    Marilyn from Canada :-)

  4. You persistence paid off! Well done, mama! <3

  5. Wonderful! Persistence pays off.


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