Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Livingston, Guatemala

For a couple of bucks, John and I took a lancha down the Rio Dulce to Livingston which is on the Caribbean coast.
There are quite a few anchored, deserted boats where the river feeds into the sea.

The town of Livingston was nice.  We exchanged money at the bank, got some ice-cream, and strolled through a park.   There were quite a few vendors selling fresh cut fruit in clear plastic bags.  The fruit was swarming with some type of insect that resembled bees, and the vendors seemed oblivious.  Needless to say, we did not buy any.
Near the water it is a bit touristy so we had to walk away from it to find an inexpensive place to eat.  We saw many starving, mangy dogs, and they broke our hearts.  We took all of our leftovers and gave them to one of the dogs.  He ate very slowly.  It was a heartbreaking sight, but understandable when many of the locals struggle to feed themselves and their children. 
This statue is facing the Caribbean Sea.
We walked down another street to where it meets the sea.  I walked a few feet ahead, excited to put my feet in the water.  When I stepped on what I thought was dirty sand, I fell and landed on my tailbone.  More embarrassed than anything, I was very careful getting up as to not slip and fall again. I balanced myself successfully only to realize that the seat of my pants was covered in greenish brown slime.   Thankfully it all washed off in the sea.

On our stroll back to the dock we saw these swings.  Interesting.
And check out this slide.  You wouldn't want your kids to fall back and hit their heads.  Maybe that is why their weren't any kids playing in the park.
I was fascinated by this "laundry mat" and so very appreciative of my washer and dryer back home. 
John and I saw this bike and both immediately thought of our son William.  He would love to ride something like this!

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