Friday, November 27, 2015

Brain Treatment Center

We have two children that are on the Autism Spectrum.   We love them very much.  However, as many of you know, autism can be challenging.  Some days it is downright hard.  So, when we learned about The Brain Treatment Center, we felt it was worth checking out.
Here is what their website says,
"Brain Treatment Center features a cutting edge new technology that can uniquely image the brain, identify areas of the brain that are not functioning properly and, most importantly, restore problematic regions of the brain to optimal neurological function using non-invasive neuromodulation."
Once we decided to do MRT for both of them, it was a huge commitment.  We had to drive to Newport Beach every day for two months.  Honestly, we had to bribe William to get him to go.
But we feel it was worth it.
This is how Natalie responded very early on during her EEGs. 
Towards the end, there were no more tears.

Not only did the two of them bond, but we saw improvement after a few days.  They both began sleeping better, whereas before they were waking up numerous times a night, and William was sleepwalking.

William began doing better in school and he had an overall better outlook on life. 

After beginning treatment, Natalie began to socialize more.  We actually began to see her wake up and see the world outside of her constant stimming which enabled her to block out things going on around her.

I cried tears of joy during one of her appointments half way through the treatment when she got off the couch and headed down the hallway.  Chasing after my toddler-like-child as she squealed in playful game of chase was something I thought might never happen.

Now that treatment is over, both John and I can say that it was worth it.
We'd do it again.


  1. So glad you shared this. I have always wanted to look into it but haven't known anyone who's actually done it. Can you tell a difference months after the treatment has been done?

  2. William is autistic? Its weird that u posted this because i remember you mentioning some of his quirks and after studying a bit I came across some articles the other day that listed some of his behavior as autistic, highly functioning of course.


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