Monday, September 14, 2015

Dennis' Birthday

Happy 9th birthday Dennis!

It's really fun to watch the kids open their gifts.  The way our other children gather around their sibling to pass out gifts, help read cards, or be a cheerleader is really nice to see.

Dennis we are so proud of you!  You are becoming such a fine young man!  Hope you follow your dreams to become a chef and a pastor.  Even at nine years old, you are already great at both!


  1. How does Dennis feel about his new braces?? I know when i first got braces i was about his age and they drove me NUTS!!! I used to secretly pull the wire out with pliers and remove the spacers with plastic toothpicks every time we came home from the orthodontist lol. Eventually it sank into my head that if I didn't keep them on that i would have a crooked smile, so i stopped messing with them. I had them on for approx 3 years and I tell ya, the moment they came off it was like AH! LOL.

  2. Dennis wants to become a pastor!? Thats amazing, I have actually been going down that same road myself. Im catholic and I spent a lot of time involved with the church growing up and always considered becoming a priest. I recently spent time at a monastery in upstate new york, meditating on the possibility of becoming a priest. I really hope he pursues that goal its amazing to be in God's service like that.


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