Monday, July 27, 2015

Oliver's 4th Birthday

 For Oliver's birthday, we went to our community pool.  It was nice and hot that day, so everyone enjoyed cooling off in the cool water.  It was one of Natalie's few times splashing in the cool water and she seemed to enjoy it.

Oliver is learning patience.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I think he was waiting for his turn to have me put sun screen on him,
 Anastasia and Oliver
 Anna walking around with Natalie.

 Daddy with Oliver and Natalie

 After swimming we went back home to have cake and open presents.
 My four youngest boys can be such monkeys! 
 But the three older ones always look out for Oliver.

 Oliver loves whenever it's someone's birthday.  That means singing happy birthday and blowing out candles is involved.  It is extra special when he is the one blowing them out!

 Oliver got a tricycle for his birthday.  Big brother Jonny helped unveil the red surprise!

 Oliver was all too happy to ride his new wheels!

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  1. This is so nice to see your family again! Thanks for coming back. Dennis is really changing. He has lost all of his young boy looks, and a big kid is emerging! Everyone looks great!


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