Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 9- Traveling Home

 On our last day we had a five hour drive to the airport so we stopped for ice-cream.  Everyone else got chocolate or some typical flavor while I got the special-- Rum Raisin.  Our driver got the same!
 Our flight was going well and we stopped in Guatemala for our planned 50 minute layover.  However, that turned into two hours and eventually our flight was canceled for mechanical reasons.  Better safe than sorry, but that meant an overnight stay in Guatemala. 

 The hotel we were put up in was nice, as was the complimentary breakfast.
24 hours later than planned, we did make it home safely.  Praise God for safe travels.


  1. Hey missed your blog, but now I see you haven't updated a post :( but it looks like lots of people have checked to see if your back on. Hope your all doing well and you post update.

    God bless


  2. Thanks for coming back (for all of us). Sure missed your family. :)


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