Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 8-- Snorkeling at Papagayo

 On our last full day in Costa Rica we drove to Papagayo on the Pacific Coast for a day of snorkeling.
It was much hotter on the coast than I expected-- but a perfect day out on the sea.
We had to take two boats out.  It was fun watching each other race across the water.
Before we began snorkeling, we stopped at this secluded beach.

Galina and Julia had fun diving off the boat.
So did Adam.

One of our guides pointed out this shark hiding under a rock.

After snorkeling we spent some time on the beach so the kids could pick up some souvenirs.
After that, we had a fantastic lunch at the ManGaby Hotel.

We saw many iguanas around the hotel.  It was really cool.

Our day at Papagayo was an awesome way to end out trip!

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