Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 7- Horseback Riding

We woke up nice and early.  I knew it was going to be a fun filled day.  How could it not be?  First activity would be horseback riding with a hike to Penjamos River.

This little puppy was very friendly and Anastasia got a kick out of loving on it.
All of the plants were so amazing!  Such beauty all around us.
After  breakfast we walked to the horse stable.

Everyone was excited to get started.  Though most of us had never been on a horse before, we got the hang of riding in no time.  
The morning was gorgeous.  The weather was perfect.
Everyone was having such a good time, I could picture living here forever watching my family soak up nature and each other's company.

Halfway through our excursion we stopped to hike.  The places we discovered were amazing!

The water looked just like raspberry koolaid.

There was so much to explore, we could have spent the whole day here.

The water was so refreshing.  Swimming near the falls was exhilarating! 

                                        After an hour or so, we headed back to the stable. 

We took a break for lunch.  Next up-- ZIPLINING!

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