Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 4- Morning Hike and Orphanage Visit

"Good morning Mr. Lizard."
It is amazing that Costa Rica is teeming with so much wildlife that you can even
find it in your hotel room.
Breakfast was great as usual, but not everyone was their usual excited self.
During breakfast, Julia was feeling a bit off.  Still, she joined us on the free morning tour.
Five minutes into it though, I knew that this is where Julia belonged.
I'm not sure what was wrong with her at that point, so when she threw up and said she was feeling better, I thought that perhaps it was over.
While Julia and I were in the hotel room, John and the kids were busy spotting wildlife and learning about the jungle.

They all hiked to this water fall-- which was beautiful of course.

Everyone rode on a tractor trailer back to the lodge around noon.  After lunch they all went to visit the local orphanage for the rest of the day.
 John and the kids played with the 20 kids that were there and helped tidy up the place.
The kids were happy to have company, but they were certainly not neglected like we have seen in other countries.   It was a nice visit that ended with John and William picking up pizza for everyone.

Back at the lodge, Julia thought she was feeling better.  We went for a nice walk.

But it was short lived.  Soon she was back to bed with a fever and vomiting.  It wasn't until our favorite waiter Jonathan gave us some Gravol (motion sickness meds) that the nausea finally subsided.  He also gave her ginger ale and crackers.
Here is a picture of the museum and game room from a previous day. 
When we had free time we tried to do all the lodge had to offer.  We wanted to experience it all!

By the end of the night, Julia was feeling much better and her fever was gone.  I just hope no one else got sick.

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