Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 3- Baldi Hot Springs

After hiking up Cerro Chato, spending the next day at the hot springs seemed like a good idea.  As soon as breakfast was over we headed over to spend the whole day and evening at Baldi Hot Springs.  To our surprise we saw our missionary friends at the entrance with a group of people from our old church.  It was nice to see familiar faces in a foreign land.
This statue is right outside the gift shop.
The weather was perfect and so was Baldi.  It wasn't crowded and this allowed us to go on the slides over and over.

There was something for everyone.  The kids really enjoyed this slide.  After talking to the attendant at the top, the kids learned how to stop and walk around this toilet bowl slide.

This pool was around 95 degrees.

Jonny and a few of the kids rode this ride on their stomach so much that they got
bruises on their hips.

We had a nice sit down lunch included in our admission price.
After lunch, we were back to having fun.

For dinner we walked up to the big banquet hall where there was a huge buffet. 
Even after spending 11 hours at Baldi, we were all sad to go.  We had such a good time!

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