Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Extra Kid Pics

Natalie is such a doll! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Oliver's 4th Birthday

 For Oliver's birthday, we went to our community pool.  It was nice and hot that day, so everyone enjoyed cooling off in the cool water.  It was one of Natalie's few times splashing in the cool water and she seemed to enjoy it.

Oliver is learning patience.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I think he was waiting for his turn to have me put sun screen on him,
 Anastasia and Oliver
 Anna walking around with Natalie.

 Daddy with Oliver and Natalie

 After swimming we went back home to have cake and open presents.
 My four youngest boys can be such monkeys! 
 But the three older ones always look out for Oliver.

 Oliver loves whenever it's someone's birthday.  That means singing happy birthday and blowing out candles is involved.  It is extra special when he is the one blowing them out!

 Oliver got a tricycle for his birthday.  Big brother Jonny helped unveil the red surprise!

 Oliver was all too happy to ride his new wheels!

Our Costa Rica Memories

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 9- Traveling Home

 On our last day we had a five hour drive to the airport so we stopped for ice-cream.  Everyone else got chocolate or some typical flavor while I got the special-- Rum Raisin.  Our driver got the same!
 Our flight was going well and we stopped in Guatemala for our planned 50 minute layover.  However, that turned into two hours and eventually our flight was canceled for mechanical reasons.  Better safe than sorry, but that meant an overnight stay in Guatemala. 

 The hotel we were put up in was nice, as was the complimentary breakfast.
24 hours later than planned, we did make it home safely.  Praise God for safe travels.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 8-- Back at the Hotel

 I chose the Blue River Resort because of the hot springs and water slide they have.  After a long day of snorkeling, it was nice to relax in the natural mineral springs.

 The kids spent all of their free time in the pools and going down the water slide.

 This picture was taken the morning we left.   The hotel was crowded that Sunday morning so they served breakfast in their bigger eating area.  It was very nice.

Day 8-- Snorkeling at Papagayo

 On our last full day in Costa Rica we drove to Papagayo on the Pacific Coast for a day of snorkeling.
It was much hotter on the coast than I expected-- but a perfect day out on the sea.
We had to take two boats out.  It was fun watching each other race across the water.
Before we began snorkeling, we stopped at this secluded beach.

Galina and Julia had fun diving off the boat.
So did Adam.

One of our guides pointed out this shark hiding under a rock.

After snorkeling we spent some time on the beach so the kids could pick up some souvenirs.
After that, we had a fantastic lunch at the ManGaby Hotel.

We saw many iguanas around the hotel.  It was really cool.

Our day at Papagayo was an awesome way to end out trip!