Saturday, June 13, 2015

Surprise! How'd They Pull This Off?

This afternoon John and I went out on a long date. We were going to see a movie, but ended up passing three hours just talking.   On our way home, Caleb called me to ask if he and his girlfriend Katie could take us out to dinner.  After asking a few questions, John and I said yes, and I really thought it would be just the four of us out to dinner.
Cars were parked in the back.  I had already had my birthday celebration.  I had already gotten gifts from everyone earlier in the week.
So imagine my surprise when I walked into the restaurant filled with friends and family!
I was totally caught off guard-- what an amazing surprise!
I was fine until I started looking around the room to see who was there.
That is when I began to cry-- happy tears. 
It was all good!
My brother in law drove down from the Bay Area and my cousin who I had not seen in ages drove up from Murrieta-- not to mention everyone in between.

Thank you John for never making life boring.  You are the best husband!  Thank you kids for blessing me like you do.  You make this Mama so proud!  Thank you Mom for always supporting me.  Thank you Aunt Tanya for always being there.  Thank you Mom and Dad for being such amazing in-laws.  Thank you Uncle Jack, Tim and Diane, Steve and Kathy, John and Naomi, Jenny and Joe, Cousin Kathy, Jeremy, Katie, Olivia, Emily, Sandy, and Pauline.
I love all of you!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Happy Birthday!

  2. How awesome is that!! I'll bet you had a very memorable 40th birthday. :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! How lovely for you......and nothing is better than a true surprise. I love the photos :-)

    Marilyn from Canada.

  4. You are a blessed lady! Happy birthday!

  5. No one deserves that kind of loving more than you!

    I am not sure I would love a surprise, but it sounds like the perfect birthday for you!

  6. What wonderful kids to pull this off! Happy Birthday, again!

  7. I was so worried that you would find out about it. Guess we all get a pat on the back, especially your hubby, John. I am thankful it did indeed to turn out to be a REAL surprise for you. You soooo deserved this :)
    Love, Mom

  8. Love! That's how they were able to pull it off, they love their mom! Happy Biirthday Christine!!!

  9. What a wonderful surprise! Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Christine! With love from Paul & Melissa.

  11. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful surprise:)

  12. What a lovely surprise!
    Happy belated 40th
    Lisa aka mommytoalo

  13. Aww. Happy 40th birthday Christine.You are such a good mother. Love reading your posts.


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