Friday, May 8, 2015

We Won't Be Making These Again

I saw these apple roses on Pinterest and thought they would be a fun, little project to do with the kids.   Though I do think they look like the pictures, they were hard to assemble and tasted bland and doughy.  The verdict is in-- we will not be making these ever again.
Here are the kids' latest drawings.




My Aunt Tanya took me out to lunch today.  It was an unexpected surprise... but a much needed few hours.  We went to Panera Bread and had soup and sandwiches.  After, we went to See's Candy to pick out a few pounds of candy.  Like I need it.  :) 
With that said, our family is thoroughly enjoying every piece.  My favorite is the Rum Nougat.  What's yours?
School will be out in a couple of weeks.  Galina takes her CAHSEE next week and the week after is finals for all the high school home schoolers. 


  1. Try our apple dumplings at the bottom of this post.

  2. I have been often tempted to make those apple roses. Thanks for saving me the time. Though yours turned out *perfect* in picture, how interesting they didn't TASTE good--the whole purpose of any recipe! I love the site--all the pictures and stories of things that fail (usually quite humorously) with pinterest pins.

  3. Great drawings! Your kids are all so artistic.

  4. Wow, you have a bunch of budding artists!! I love the pics

  5. Isn't it just so disappointing when you go to a lot of trouble to make something and then it's a disappointment? I guess we all have had a few of those over the years. They certainly do look pretty though. The art work is amazing! They are all so talented!! I can hardly draw a stick man. Good luck to everyone on their exams........then it's summer holidays!!!:-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  6. Those roses look absolutely AMAZING and I want to make them despite your review! Surely with a little more brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon or something - they'd have to taste better and they are SO appealing! Or - ice cream! Add ice cream and they'd have to taste nice!

  7. Hi, I've just found your blog, what a beautiful family you have. My daughter made those roses for Mother's day, and our opinion was exactly the same as yours! Some things look better than they taste!


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