Saturday, May 30, 2015


Galina is becoming a pretty good cook.  Her thing is omelets with lots of fresh veggies.  It is a treat when she offers to make them for everyone.

 William and Nolan
 Adam and Natalie
This is definitely pie season for us.  Apple pie sounded like a nice change from the nutty chocolate we had been making.  Annalyn was a huge help.  Oh, and tapioca makes an amazing thickener for the fruit filling.

 Natalie is doing well.  After weeks of getting her to hold her cup with us first wrapping her fingers around it and lifting it to her mouth, I was very surprised to learn that she initiated picking up her cup without any prompting to get a drink.  ALL BY HERSELF.  This is huge!
Oh, and she is a walker-- when she feels like it.  ALL BY HERSELF.:)


  1. Have you ever made Deep Dish Pie in an 11x15 glass baking dish? We stopped making regular pies years ago, because we would have to make so many for our large family. A Deep Dish 11x15 pie will serve your whole family. Our favorite pie is Apple/Blueberry (which I came up with when we used to own a blueberry farm).

    :) :) :)

  2. The change in Natalie is amazing. Looking at pictures of her now, she looks alert and happy, where in the beginning she looked a bit aloof. I love hearing how she's progressing. What a blessing that must be to watch up close. :)

  3. The omelette looks sooooo delicious! YUM!!! Good for Galina. It is so nice when the kids take an interest in cooking. Quite a treat too :-) Little Natalie is growing in leaps and bounds, isn't she?? It is just wonderful to see. Wonderful that she is oh she has developed and progressed since coming home. Bless you all :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  4. Your older girls impress me so much; they are lovely and accomplished.

  5. It warms my heart knowing that Nattie is making LEAPS in her progress. Honestly what bothered me the most was that because she wasn't born here and diagnosed early by our doctors we really don't know what her limits are or aren't. But i have to say she surprises me every single post you put up of her. I feel like surrounded by love she's more comfortable in doing the things SHE wants to do. If you look at the videos of you and John with her when you first visited her, its like she's a totally different baby. God definitely put her in the right family! Thats what she needed more than art therapy and fancy learning toys at the orphanage, a good family with strong Judeo- Christian values and a ton of love. I hope nothing I said was offensive, I absolutely adore your family and it makes me smile seeing everyone doing well.

  6. I kinda think its funny that although Annalyn isn't your biological child, she resembles you the most. Theres a lot of care in those eyes of hers.

  7. Slow but steady progress with Natalie, I'm happy to hear it!


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