Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Pictures

It's May already. That means that the school year is wrapping up.   We are all so excited over here-- but we have also been crazy busy.  IEP meetings, fieldtrips, CAHSEE testing, finals-- I will be so glad when everything is done.
Here are all the pictures in my camera up till now.
Lexi and Ginger being lazy after a night of digging holes and barking at the moon.
Hanging out in the living room taking turns playing Guitar Hero.
Paul and Anastasia are both growing up so fast. 
Dennis, Nolan, Annalyn, and Natalie
These pictures were all taken on Mother's Day.

 These pies are my favorite pies ever.  They are so good, we have gone through eight of them in five days.
Homemade bread is pretty good too. 
 Flowers are nice.
Our sleeping beauty.

Another picture of the dogs.
Last week I went to the resource center and picked out all of the homeschoolers curriculum.
Can you believe this year two of the girls will be dissecting a sheep's brain and a cow's eyeball?
Yesterday we went and saw Where Hope Grows.  It was a fantastic movie with a great message starring an amazing actor.  If you get the chance, I would go and see it!  (I would not recommend it for younger children.)


  1. How could you tease us with those pictures of your favorite pies and not tell us the kind or give us the recipe :-)

  2. Paul and Anastasia have really blossomed haven't they? So lovely to see. Dennis has really grown too....oh my goodness.......seeing Sveta such a young lady too. They all seem to have a contentment about them in the pictures. That little Natalie is too adorable for words in her hair ribbons........I'm wondering if you ever send photos of them to the orphanages so they can see what love can do? It is just wonderful to see how they are all doing in your wonderful family. :-) :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Your children are all growing up so's funny to be a long time reader of your blog, and to remember them all as small children, then to see them now! Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! xoxox

  4. Aww the pictures of the pups laying on each other is priceless, reminds me of when my doggie was still with us, him and my female were like Simba and Nalya together, you can tell she misses him so much, theres times when my dad comes home that she'll wait by the door even after he's already in the house hoping that my pup is going to be coming in the house :( I had 2 german shepherds, one of them was a white one named Krypto and the female is named Bella. The 2 things they loved the most were each other and their family.

  5. Christine btw you look fantastic, you have the most amazing eyes, usually I'm used to seeing u with glasses on but i see where all your handsome boys get their good looks from! :)

  6. Amazing ..God is so good. Look at all your beautiful children. They are all growing up so wonderfully. And my gosh Natalie looks like a different little girl since the last time i popped in.
    God bless ..xo
    Lisa mommytoalot


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